Booze & Bites By Bier Huis

Yorkshire Wurst




Book us for 100% German sausage at your event  


Having a food market or even a party we can provide you with the delights of easy snack food. 




We offer the following sausages served with bread roll

Thüringer Bratwurst

Wiener A delicately smoked sausage

FrankfurterA delicately smoked sausage. Ideal for Hot Dogs!

Nürnberger Würstel

Krakauer A smoked and cured sausage with a hint of garlic

Lyoner Fleischwurst A smoked sausage made with pork and beef

Käsekrainer Cheese stuffed smoked sausage


Rindsbratwurst Beef - and only beef

Zimmermann Münchner Weisswurst Bavarian breakfast sausage refined with fresh parsley, nutmeg and lemon, traditionally eaten with sweet mustard

Fritten & Sauce - Chips served with a choice of sauce - Ketchup, Mayo, Curry Ketchup or Fritessaus